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July 4: Café Bopa, Copenhagen Jazz Festival

July 8: KB18, Copenhagen Jazz Festival

July 19: Café Oslo Plads, Copenhagen Jazz Festival

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Feb 27: Nørrebro Bryghus, Copenhagen Winter Jazz

April 5: The Shrine, New York

April 6: Silvana´s, New York

April 7-8: Studio Session @ Grand Street Recording, New York


July 4: Charlie Scott´s, Copenhagen Jazz Festival
July 8: Nørrebro Bryghus, Copenhagen Jazz Festival
July 10: KB18, Copenhagen Jazz Festival
July 11: Prøvehallen, Valby Summer Jazz
August 14: Kayak Bar, Copenhagen

Elektrojazz “Cars” – the perfect album for the perfect road trip.

Elektrojazz Cars cd cover

Why produce a groove jazz album inspired by the greatest cars of the seventies? If you are a jazz musician and car lover based in Denmark (a little Nordic country with 180 percent car penalty taxes, applied after 25% VAT), it’s clearly the most logical thing to do. If we can not own the cars, at least we can dedicate songs to them!

Combining rare grooves with funky Latin and soulful jazz, our mission has been to create the perfect album for the perfect road trip – whether you’re driving one of our seventies inspirations or simply using your imagination.

See all the cars on our the track list, is your favorite in there?

Elektrojazz is a group made up of some of the most groovy Danish musicians available. We play groovy jazz evoking the sound of the seventies, so naturally, we’ve made cars from this period our focus.

Elektrojazz is:
Anders Larson – trombone & universal mastermind
Anders Rose – Fender Rhodes & VP of high-octane harmonies
Matthias Petri – electric bass & musical turbo charger
Andreas Svendsen – drums & general groove manager

Special guests:
Gerard Presencer – three-valve trumpet
Rune Harder Olesen – road legal percussion
Roland CompuRythm CR-78 – extra analog drum box

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