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Elektrojazz New York Tribute

Official album release: July 9 2017

New York Tribute english press release

New York Tribute danish press release

Elektrojazz Cars

Elektrojazz plays original jazz/soul/funk/latin music with the sound of the seventies. Our music is inspired by seventies car-chase-movie-music, and combined with our passion for cars, we have decided to make our upcoming album Cars a tribute to the greatest cars of the seventies.

Each track on the album will be dedicated to one of the most important car models of the period, and we which to reach out to car and music lovers and let them help us choose the right models. We have written an article presenting our top 50 seventies cars,and created a poll to let jazzy petrol heads help us choose.

With cover artwork and layout inspired by the seventies car industry, we hope to create the perfect album for the perfect road trip.

Elektrojazz – musical universe

Elektrojazz is founded by swedish trombone player Anders Larson, who has been living in Copenhagen, Denmark for many years. The line up in the band is trombone, Fender Rhodes electric piano, electric bass and drums.

On the album Cars, we have special appearances by world renowned trumpet player Gerard Presencer. Rune Harder  is adding the essential seventies vibe with his congas, bongos, triangle and other percussion instruments.

With an urge to try a new musical direction, band leader and composer Anders Larson has stepped out of the world of modern acoustic jazz, and created his own universe of funky groove jazz, latin, soul and acid jazz. Is the world ready for a new old sound in jazz?

Elektrojazz´ goal is to produce the genuine feel and sound of a seventies recording with a modern flavor, using both vintage instruments and recording equipment and up to date computer software for editing/mixing.

The players

Anders Larson – trombone, band leader, composer
Anders is a trombone virtouse, renowned both as an improviser and section player. Anders is a versatile musician, both as an instrumentalist, composer and arranger. He has released jazz records in his own name with both small jazz groups, strings, and big band. As a sideman and section player, Anders has worked with artists and groups such as Dee Dee Bridgewater, Westlife, Mick Hucknal, Katie Melua, Matthew Herbert Big Band and the Danish Radio Big Band.

Anders Rose – Fender Rhodes electrical piano
Top notch keyboard player, both in the world of jazz and popular music. Can be seen regularly on stage as different acts as with the Danish Radio Big Band and Johnny Logan. With a highly developed sense for harmony, and a delightful musical taste, Anders always makes great contributions to the music he is playing.

Matthias Petri – electric bass
One of the best young jazz players in Denmark, and very sought after on both upright bass and electric bass. If he is not playing any given night in one of the top jazz clubs, there are no concerts that day…

Andreas Svendsen – drums
Andreas has got watch all drummers strive for, but few master. The groove. He jumps between musical genres with ease, and plays everything from old school jazz to pop/rock/latin with technical excellence and great musicality. If there is any Danish top jazz player he has not played with (despite his young age), it must be because he turned their offer down, being to busy elsewhere.

Special guests:

Gerard Presencer – trumpet

Gerard is a top notch jazz trumpet player with an impressing track record. Besides a major career as a soloist and sideman in various jazz bands, he has recorded with Sting, Jamiroquai, Zero 7, James Brown, Ray Charles, Joni Mitchell and many others. Early in his career, he recorded the trumpet solo on US3’s big hit Cantaloop from 1993. He can also be heard on numerous jazz- pop- and film music recordings.

Ole Harder – percussion

Little known to the public, Rune  Harder is one of the most played musicians on Danish radio, and has been for many years! He has literally played percussion on hundreds of recordings, and master everything from the smallest triangle to juicy congas grooves.

Press photos

Elektrojazz New York Tribute band pics


Brooklyn studio session


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Elektrojazz – ‘Cars’


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Elektrojazz history

Elektrojazz was founded in 2012 by trombone player Anders Larson. Since then, the band has played at several jazz festivals and clubs in Denmark. Besides playing original instrumental music, Elektrojazz has furthermore performed with vocalists Bobo Moreno, Karen and Daniel Sitrit.

Selected references:
Copenhagen Jazz Festival
Aarhus Jazz Festival
Modern Jazzy Days

Cars in Denmark

Loving cars and living in Denmark is a bad combination. With a special car tax of 180%, applied after the standard 25% VAT, people are more likely to produce jazz recordings celebrating cars than actually owning an interesting ride.

Want a nice executive car, with adequate power? Denmark will offer you a BMW 535i for just $174.336 (€127.212).

Or maybe a used wanna-be-sportscar? You could pick up a 15 years old Audi TT for just $34.000 (€27.500).

But you could actually get a 2006 Mercedes E420 for as little as $50.000 (€37.000). The specific car has got 440.000km (273.000 miles) on the clock though.

Contact us:

phone: +45 26177298
Elektrojazz Facebook page