Upcoming shows:


July 9 @ 21.00: Blaagaards Apotek feat. Michael Stephenson, New York Tribute album release and concert

July 12 @ 20.00 Ordrupgaard feat. Michael Stephenson

July 14 @ 21.30: Nørrebro Bryghus feat. Michael Stephenson, Copenhagen Jazz Festival

July 15 @ 20.00: Krudttønden feat. Michael Stephenson, Copenhagen Jazz Festival


Past shows:


Feb 27: Nørrebro Bryghus, Copenhagen Winter Jazz

July 4 @ 22.00: Charlie Scott´s, Copenhagen Jazz Festival
Since Elektrojazz founder and composer Anders Larson is deported to a town in Russia on this day, there is a speciel edition of the band with Danish guitar hero Mads Kjølby in front on stage at this concert. So don´t miss this golden opportunity to be rid of Anders Larson´s trombone on stage this night, and enjoy Mads Kjølby´s euphonious strings.

July 8 @ 21.30: Nørrebro Bryghus, Copenhagen Jazz Festival
Delicious beer brewed onsite combined with soulful groove jazz. Need more reasons?

July 10 @ 20.00: KB18, Copenhagen Jazz Festival
Cool music venue in the former Copenhagen meat packing district. Groove jazz served medium raw with extra tabasco.

July 11@ 19.30: Prøvehallen, Valby Summer Jazz
A great concert hall in downtown Valby close to Copenhagen center. Perfect surroundings to capture every nuance of Elektrojazz music, and our last concert during Copenhagen Jazz Festival. We´ll be extra tight and groovy!

August 14 @16.00: Kayak Bar, Copenhagen
Enjoy our music at this afternoon show by the canal in one of Copenhagen´s most unique venues, Kayak Bar. We promise sun.


Mars 22, 15.00 Sønderborg Jazz Club, Sønderborghus
Feb 6, 20.30 Studenterhus Aarhus, (double concert with Magnus Hjort Trio)
Feb 7, 19.00 Kayak Bar, Copenhagen
Feb 8, 20.00 Det Bruunske Pakhus, Frederecia
Jan 23, 15.30 Jazz Cup, Copenhagen

Sep 23, 21.00 Paradise Jazz, Huset, Copenhagen
Sep 28, 19.00 Stadshallen in Lund, Sweden
Juli 4, 19.00 Bernstorff Slot, Gentofte
Juli 7 21.00 Nørrebro Bryghus, Copenhagen
Juli 8 22.30 Café Bopa, Copenhagen
Juli 11 18.30 Scandic Front Hotel, Coenhagen
Juli 12 21.00 Kvarterhuset, Copenhagen
May 27, 20.00 official cd release concert, Scandic Front, Copenhagen.


Elektrojazz at Funders

Open air concert at Funders Cafe, located next to Frederiksberg Have, one of Copenhagens most beautiful public gardens. The concert is part of Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

Date:8/7 2013
Time: 16.00
Where: Funders Frederiksberg Rundel 3A, Frb C

Elektrojazz at Cafe Bopa

Club concert at the cosy Cafe Bopa. The concert will be intimate and crowded, with the band packed up in the corner next to the bar. No excuse not to buy beers during the show then! Also part of Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

Date:10/7 2013
Time: 22.00
Where: Cafe Bopa Bopa Plads, 2100 Copenhagen

Elektrojazz at Krudttoenden

Special concert featuring Karen, leading Danish R&B singer. Together with Karen, Elektrojazz will present her songs with a distinct jazzy and groovy touch. What would her music had sounded like if it was played by a bunch of groovy jazz musicians in 1976? Expect to hear music from Karens albums “En til en”, “Ingen smalle steder” and “Stiletto”, as well as original Elektrojazz tunes. A one off experience, somewhere in between jazz and R&B. Do not expect to be able to sit still.

Date:12/7 2013
Time: 20.00
Where: Krudttønden Serridslevvej 2, 
2100 Copenhagen

Baltoppen, Ballerup
Dexter, Odense
Modern Jazzy Days, Køge

Kvarterhuset, Copenhagen jazz Festival
Copenhagen jazz Festival, feat. Bobo Moreno
Aarhus International Jazz Festival, feat. Bobo Moreno
Krudttønden, Copenhagen