The hippest cars of the 1970s

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18 thoughts on “The hippest cars of the 1970s

  1. I own an uber cool battered 76 Ford Gran Torino Sedan, $650 of ass kicking roadtrip car, Just did 16 states and 5750 miles and then shipped it back to New Zealand. Heres a sample of the trip

    The warm air dries our brows as we roll through the vast Savannah, headed for Nebraska. The sky begins to get darker with the promise of night. “How far?” I ask “about 120 miles to Allience”says Watton, confirming the fear beginning to crawl across my stomach. We might not make it to Carhenge tonight.

    “Cannonball on!” I shout, my bare foot mashing the go pedal into the threadbare Red carpet. The ancient smog era 400 waking up like an old dog spying a lame Rabbit, blows apart the remnants of rusty tailpipe, and the Old Gran Torino roars down the blacktop like a Demo derby refugee. The Speedo begins to creep North of 90, Watton Yeeehaws and yells “6.6 litre mile eater, go baby go!” and we blast onward leaving a trail of dust and a haze of oil smoke in our wake, as we chase the last rays of daylight down the deserted country road.

  2. Charlie, sounds like a great trip! If you need some music for your next road trip, we might be able to help 🙂

  3. I think the Lamborghini Countach or the Porsche 911 Turbo are the best Icons to celabrete the great 1970ies 😉

  4. There may have been faster, better looking and more luxurious cars from the seventies, but the black and gold Smokey and the Bandit Pontiac Trans Am defines the era.

  5. The AMC Pacer was suppose to come out first with a rotary engine, but the engine wasn’t developed well enough, so it first showed up with their 6 cylinder engine. And it was quite popular the first year of two, but after that it dropped in popularity…most Americans don’t like having something “different”. the V8 was added near the end of it’s life…at the time when emission controls were sucking away a lot of horsepower. I had one with the 6 cylinder and 3 spd manual. Nice car.

  6. The 70’s was a very crazy, expressive period where bold minded thinking introduced some very colorful facets to our culture. The 1977 AMC Matador Barcelona is a perfect representation of this type of thinking.

  7. I own a 77 ford mustang ll ghia. It’s in pristine condition and I enjoy all the comments and stares when I take it out. It may not be popular with the muscle cars of the 70s but I believe it deserves recognition in that the ll was motor trends 1974 car of the year, you hardly see them on the road, and it was the right car at the right time. And besides. .. Who could ever forget Farrah driving around in her cobra ll every Wednesday night as well as Jaclyn in her ghia?

  8. I remember my 1974 Pinto. I bought it just before the word got out that they explode. It cost $3,000 new. I patched that thing together several times, got into a chain reaction accident and learned how to get out of it in a hurry and sold it after 150,000 miles (I put in new rings myself). It was really depressing to own a laughing stock. So much, that I tried to end it all by backing into a cement wall but alas, no explosion. Just a stiff neck. Actually, I would rather forget the 70s as the cars ran bad, got lousy mileage, the engines failed too soon and those little Japanese trucks liked to backfire, forcing Vietnam vets like myself to get our clothes dirty by hitting the deck. The only thing I like about the 70s were those whiskey sours…. Lots of them.
    Ron Burgundy

  9. Hej gutter………… Jeg er forfærdet over at i ikke har fået den sidste rigtige Mustang med 😉 Den største af alle Mustangerne og den mest kraftfulde landede lige før oliekrisen og den har om nogen 70er stil !!! Modellen er lavet fra 1971 til 1973

  10. I kan da ikke bede os om kun at vælge 3 biler….garagen er ikke fuldendt med mindre end 5 biler fra listen….!

  11. Since you play nerdy music you should go for the nerdy cars. I mean do we REALLY need yet another reference too Mustang/GTO/Eldorado/Ferrari and what have you. Also, do not forget beautiful expressions and words like Half Choke, Contact Breaker and Ashtray

    • TurboLover, thanks for your input! We wish to celebrate the greatest cars rather than ashtrays and sparkplugs, but I see where you are going. I do have a secret crush on the AMC Pacer, that should qualify as rather nerdy 🙂

  12. As long it has good loudspeakers, and Cars on the cd player, I’ll be satisfyed with any ol’ red flat car! ;-*

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